Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s 2017-2018 Chair’s Initiative

The world is changing rapidly due to amazing new digital and advanced technologies. These technologies are transforming our daily way of life and altering the ways businesses and industries operate. From how we heat and cool our buildings to the cars we drive, or that drive themselves, we are witnessing what some have declared the “fourth Industrial Revolution.” Given the implications for their citizens and economies, governors are looking for ideas to leverage the opportunities these new technologies present and tackle challenges to stay “ahead of the curve.” They want to know about proactive measures, partnerships and policies that can help them be “innovation governors.”

About Ahead of the Curve

Through this initiative, we will highlight how governors and those we govern can stay one step ahead of the rapidly advancing technologies that impact the daily lives of residents and businesses in our states. The initiative will focus on the energy and transportation sectors as the two leading areas of innovation, and it will examine impacts on other sectors such as health, education and public safety.


Download the Energy Innovation Roadmap

Energy storage, microgrids, “smart grid” communication, efficiency and renewable energy are part of an energy revolution that holds promise for lowering costs and improving performance. How can those advance alongside current technologies?


Download the Transportation Innovation Roadmap

Drones, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and ridesharing are reshaping the movement of people and goods with potential upsides for safety, convenience, mobility and accessibility. How can the transition here be a smooth one?

Explore Story Maps

Innovative energy and transportation technologies are becoming increasingly prevalent across our nation’s states and territories, and governors are working to deploy policies in response and anticipation of those technological disruptions. The following story maps, a platform developed by ESRI that combines maps with text, images and multimedia content, start to tell the story of specific technologies in transportation and energy and the impact they could have (or are already having). Information for the maps is gathered from publicly available source for all 50 states and, where available, U.S. territories.

Energy Technologies

Story map platform provided by ESRI

The Initiative Explained

The 2017-2018 National Governors Association (NGA) Chair, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, has selected technology innovation—new products and processes that improve quality of life or deliver new value—as his theme. The initiative will examine ways governors can help citizens, businesses and the public sector prepare for the technological transformation of the economy.

Update communications and data systems

A must-have for keeping pace

Modernize policy and regulatory processes

Crucial to moving at the speed of innovation

Prepare and educate the workforce

States are working hard on teaching and training

Inform citizens about benefits and risks

Awareness efforts are already underway

Support technology transformation

Governors can lead on this key issue

Protect systems from cyber threats

Increasingly important for safety


Transportation Innovation Summit

January 10-12, 2018 (Las Vegas, Nevada)

See photos from the summit

Energy Innovation Summit

October 2017 (Denver, Colorado)

Experts Roundtable

April 2018 (San Jose, California)

See photos from the summit


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